Sonora Pass Opens!

Sonora Pass opened yesterday according to a report from the DOT.

With the help of late-May temperatures, the California Department of Transportation has been able to removed packed winter snow, clear debris and make the necessary repairs allowing the re-opening of two trans-Sierra state highways for the summer.

State Route 4 over Ebbetts Pass and State Route 108 over Sonora Pass are officially opened as of Friday, says Caltrans.

The snow totals for the two areas were especially high during this season, with multiple late spring storms affecting the region. Intermittent chain controls were still in effect on the east side of the Sonora Pass as late as last week.

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The Pass is Closed!

Highway 108, is the gateway to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.  The pass is currently closed and remains closed each year, generally from October through until May or June. Normally they strive to open the pass by Memorial Day weekend but that doesn’t alway happen.

Occasionally, they pass has been opened, only to end up being closed again due to the vast amounts of snow, which falls on the pass. It’s not uncommon to have a summer snowstorm in July, which will cause the pass to close for a day or so, sometimes longer.

As you can image, businesses come and go in this region. We bought hwy108 for a place to highlight all the businesses and happenings along the Highway 108 corridor.

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